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How to Get an Awesome Logo: Design Questions to Ask Yourself & Branding Ideas

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

If you own a business, chances are you already know that having a logo helps establish you as a reputable business to your customers. You also know a logo helps your business be recognizable and distinguishable from all the other businesses in the marketplace and that your logo is a huge part of your branding. So if you already know all this but find yourself without a working logo - maybe you're a brand new business or have a worn-out logo that needs some updating, or maybe you recently expanded your business by acquiring another company and need new branding - read on to see how we help businesses just like yours get a relevant and unique logo, and how we can highlight that new logo all over your business with the best signage options.

The possibilities are absolutely endless when designing a logo, so it’s important to get an idea of your likes and dislikes and to know your intended customer base prior to beginning a design. Here are some details to consider and questions we at Heartland Design Concepts will ask before embarking on a new logo design;

  • Do you have an active and updated website to use as a reference?

  • Is there a slogan or tagline that you want to incorporate with your logo?

  • What industry is your business in, and what do you make?

  • Who is your current customer base? Is your target market any different?

  • What words would you use to describe your ideal logo - Strong, Exciting, Warm, Subtle, Trendy, High-Tech?

  • Are there specific symbols or icons that need to be incorporated?

  • Color & font preferences to include or to avoid?

It sounds like a lot to think through, but that’s where working with a creative team can help walk you through the overall feel, even if you don’t already have a clear vision in mind. A skilled designer can jump in to add the creative elements and put the pieces together.

We recently assisted Action Insurance with their logo design. Action Insurance is a new independent insurance agency located in Ashland, Ohio, specializing in personal, business, and industry-specific insurance. After reviewing all of the considerations sampled above as well as reviewing our full HDC Logo Design Questionnaire, Action Insurance wanted a logo that was simplistic and emphasized the “A” for Action but also represented the Ashland community they are focused on serving and protecting.

Our designer started with varying options to get a stronger feel for the preferences of the Action Insurance team. Some options featured their tagline and some icons of houses and tires to represent the type of insurance policies.

Action Insurance Final Stacked Logo

Ultimately, Action Insurance decided on a cleaner logo using their letters "A" & "I" to create an arrow and used the local school colors for an indisputable association with the Ashland community. We were able to provide different versions of the final logo for vertical or horizontal placements to fit wherever they need their branding.

Action Insurance Final Horizontal Logo

Because HDC is both a design team and manufacturer of custom business signs, attention was quickly shifted to the overall signage needs once the logo was finalized. The Action Insurance office is located on the side and back portion of a building. When deciding where to place signage, visibility without permanent changes to the building was most important. A window perforation was the perfect solution, allowing the traffic along one of Ashland's main thoroughfares to see the business name and logo. Extra signage for the entry doors and a beautiful interior sign made from lasered, black PVC were also created to tie the space together in time for their ribbon cutting. The result is a polished office with branding spread throughout.

If you're in need of a new logo because your current logo is worn-out and needs updating, or you need new branding because your business has changed or you're a brand new business just like Action Insurance, Heartland Design Concepts can help with your new look and place your new logo on all the signage your business needs. And when you need to protect your business and family with the right insurance coverage, contact Action Insurance because they know that "Action Speaks Louder Than Words".

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