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  • Rebecca Lavengood

What are Different Kinds of Outdoor Business Signs?

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

In case you missed it, we last talked about questions to consider if your business signage may be in need of an update. You can loop back to that article here. But perhaps you know that you need an update, but now what? What are the options when it comes to outdoor business signage? Whether you have a new business and are just getting started, or maybe you’re growing, or you have a long-standing established business; regardless of the status, there are multiple options available to get you the traffic-stopping attention you and your business deserve. We want to take you through a couple of the sign options you have available to get your ideas flowing!

Post and Panel

Post and panel signs are exactly how they sound. They have a post on each end and have a sign insert, which slides into place in between the posts. Be mindful of the material you use for the insert and the printing.

We primarily work with a material called ACM, which is two sheets of aluminum bonded to a rigid, weather-resistant core. ACM can be cut with a saw, routed, and can be direct-printed to create your sign. We do recommend avoiding vinyl when possible for outdoor signs because vinyl doesn’t stand up too well against the constant weather fluctuations that Ohio tends to throw our way. If you have a vinyl sign now, you may have noticed peeling and cracking probably sooner than you anticipated. Direct printing with a UV printer can solve that issue so that your sign can last even longer.

As for the placement of your sign, keep in mind that most city ordinances will have certain spacing and placement restrictions, so you’ll need to get in touch with your local permit office to see if and where you can legally place your post and panel sign.

Direct Mounted Signage

Direct mounted signs are as simple as they sound as well. These are signs that are placed directly on your building. Maybe you need a sign on the front facia over your door or maybe you need something on the side of your building so people don’t pass you by too quickly. For mounted signs, we still choose ACM for the longevity of your sign. Your sign is an investment and the last thing you want to do is put time and money into a sign that won’t hold up to the elements causing you to have to replace it too quickly. In some more weather-protected places like large overhangs, awnings, or even porches, a laser-cut metal sign could be a nice option when the metal is powder-coated to protect it from the elements. When you use a laser, you can get really creative and detailed with the design, creating an eye-catching sign.

Monument Signs – These are going to be an option for a business that is well established and not looking to change locations any time soon. The material we use, called Poly-Armor™, is an investment and a long-lasting sign option. Monument signs are a more visually substantial sign than a post and panel, with the ability to look like faux stone, brick, stucco, or even concrete textures. You’ve probably seen them all over town without realizing what they are. For monument signs, you have the option to use an ACM panel or use carved letters and mount on top of the sign face or you can even carve directly into the material to create a really classic and dimensional appearance. If you’re interested in the options a monument sign can give you, check out the below link to our brochure to see more of the options a monument sign can provide.

For any of these sign options, let Heartland Design Concepts help you with the process – from idea to design, to printing, and installation. Contact us or stop by our Idea Center in our Mansfield office to see all the options!


Heartland Design Concepts specializes in custom and unique business signs for outdoor, storefront, and interior use for all types of businesses in central Ohio. Offering in-house design, printing, and install, Heartland Design Concepts is a full-service sign shop located in Mansfield, Ohio.

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