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Custom Employee Gifts

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

So, you just hired a new employee, congratulations! Adding someone to the team can be nerve wracking not only for them, but you too. How do you make them feel welcome? What do you need to prepare before their start date? Sure, there’s all the glorious paperwork to be done, but don’t forget about the customizable items to start them off with. Having things like name badges, business cards, and even a travel thermos with your company logo can go a long way on the first day. Heartland Design Concepts can help get your welcome bundles ready! There are of course many options to choose from, but here are a few personalized items we recommend starting with.

1. Name Tags and Name Plates

Of course, letting people know who the new member is, is important. Having a name tag ready for them can help them feel a sense of belonging on their first few days. If they have an office or private desk space, ordering a matching name plate is a great addition. Name plates can be customized to be fixed to doors, walls, cubical entrances, or to stand on a desktop. By ordering these pieces, you create the opportunity to brand them to your business as well as to the individual.

2. Business Cards

Cohesive, branded business cards help spread your business but also allow your team members to professionally represent themselves. Here at Heartland Design Concepts, we create custom artwork with your colors, logo, and information for each and every employee. Having business cards ready for your new hire encourages them to pass them out as they excitedly talk about their new position.

3. Portfolios

You might be saying to yourself, why a portfolio? This is another great opportunity for your new member to feel included and that desired sense of belonging. Especially for positions that will have them out in the community or attending meetings, a portfolio is a great tool to offer. Not only is it another chance to add your logo, but it helps facilitate organization. Portfolios for when offering materials to clients or coworkers, taking notes, and storing project information all in one space are highly effective. Several sizes are available for customization.

4. Tumblers and Mugs

Now for the fun stuff, customize your logo onto a mug or travel tumbler! These are great little welcome gifts for new hires, but can be multi purpose as gifts for new clients or long time customers as well. They show appreciation, and pop a little reminder in their mind with each use. All of our drinkware is laser etched, stainless steel for long lasting and high quality use. Plus, who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee or iced tea in their personalized drinkware?

Taking care of your new hires can be a great way to build their company buy-in from the start. Treating your long time members to upgrades or gifts can be a positive impact on them feeling appreciated. Heartland Design Concepts of Mansfield, Ohio can help you create the perfect customized, professional welcome bundle for your team. Have something else in mind? We’d love to help make your dreams come to life! Contact us at 419-774-0199 to get started today.

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